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From Ian:

Nadiya Al-Noor: Anti-Semitism is the new social justice
Anti-Semitism is the acceptable form of bigotry on the Left. It’s thinly veiled as “anti-Zionism,” which really is just anti-Semitism with a fancy name, as it opposes the Jewish Indigenous Rights movement. Students are expected to hate Israel in the name of being progressive. Jewish students are painted as privileged racists, unless they disavow Israel and abandon their indigenous struggle in order to assimilate. My people (Muslims) are portrayed as helpless victims of ruthless Jewish aggression. Palestinians become pawns in the game of Jew hatred. The world falls for it. Israel is evil, end of story.
Studies show that a campus with an active Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter is more likely to have anti-Semitic incidents (no surprise there). My university, Binghamton University in New York, is unique in that the pro-Israel voice is the most dominant narrative. We used to have an SJP problem, but to my knowledge, they disbanded after the administration cracked down on their anti-Semitic harassment. Now our Muslim Student Association partners with our Hillel for mosque-synagogue interfaith trips. The Jewish and Muslim communities here are on good terms, because we see each other as people. We don’t allow the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to define us.
Universities need to address anti-Semitism on campuses. If there was an Islamophobic incident at a university, you can bet the administration would deal with it much more swiftly. Anti-Semitism is tolerated because of Leftist hypocrisy. Because of the rampant anti-Semitism on university campuses and the racial diversity of students participating in Jew hatred, anti-Semitism is often excused or justified.
Jewish students, you need to be proactive. Don’t wait for an anti-Semitic incident to happen. Don’t wait for an SJP to emerge and fester. Hold an Israel Peace Week or Hebrew Liberation Week. Educate your fellow students. If you don’t speak up, anti-Semites will.
Anti-Semitism is unacceptable, even if it’s trendy.
Zionism is Not Racism
41 years later, Columbia University students are still equating Zionism with racism.
As part of their annual “Israel Apartheid Week,” the Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, in conjunction with Columbia/Barnard Jewish Voice for Peace, are hosting an event Monday, February 27th entitled “Zionists are Racists.”
If you buy into Dr. King’s assessment that the arc of the moral universe is long but bends toward justice, then you buy into the idea that as humanity progresses, we sometimes must look back at the actions of the past and recognize that they do not conform to our standards of morality. The very essence of progress is predicated on acknowledging there is a problem which needs addressing.
The students who are hosting this offensive, bigoted, and hateful event are guilty of precisely the opposite. They drag us back to a past that is so shameful, it has already been corrected.
The 1975 United Nations General Assembly resolution that infamously gave the world “Zionism is Racism” was revoked in 1991 with 111 nations voting in favor of its repeal. Twenty-five countries voted against the repeal, including the shining beacons of democracy and equality of Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. The Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace are keeping fantastic company.
Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief: All Hands on Deck Required for Fight Against Antisemitism in US
The fight against antisemitism in the US requires “all hands on deck,” the editor-in-chief of The Algemeiner said during an i24 News appearance on Tuesday.
Dovid Efune called President Donald Trump’s public condemnation of antisemitism earlier in the day a “great beginning” to an expected broader effort to quell the recent surge of anti-Jewish hate incidents — including a spate of telephone bomb threats against Jewish community centers across the country and the desecration of graves at a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis.
“Absolutely, you have to call in the FBI, you’ve got to call in [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions [to investigate the incidents],” Efune said. “These are criminal people doing criminal acts — hateful people, and they have to be brought to justice.”
Referring to critics of Trump who have accused the president of waiting too long to speak out against antisemitism, Efune said, “There is no such thing in this case of too little, too late. He’s [been] in office for a number of weeks, and I think and I hope that he’s just getting started.”
“I think it’s unfair to say…that the president has been dragging his feet,” Efune stated. “I think what we’ve seen here is a president who is reluctant to take commands from anybody, especially from the media, and especially from his political opponents. So really it was a question of finding the right time and place to speak out against antisemitism and we saw that the president found that this morning.”

From Ian:

Report: Attackers saw off Jewish man’s finger, beat his brother near Paris
Two Jewish brothers said they were abducted briefly and beaten by several men in suburban Paris in an incident that ended with one brother having his finger sawed off by an assailant.
The brothers were hospitalized in what was described as a state of shock following the incident Tuesday night in Bondy. A case report published Thursday by the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, or BNVCA, based on a police complaint by the alleged victims did not specify their medical condition.
The kippah-wearing brothers, whose father is a Jewish leader in Bondy, were forced off the main road by another vehicle on to a side street, according to the BNVCA report. While the vehicle was in motion, the driver and a passenger shouted anti-Semitic slogans at the brothers that included “Dirty Jews, You’re going to die!” the father told BNVCA based on the complaint filed by his sons.
The vehicle forced the brothers to stop their car, and they were surrounded by several men whom they described as having a Middle Eastern appearance. The men came out of a hookah café on to the side street, according to the case report published by the news website JSSNews.
The alleged attackers surrounded the brothers, then kicked and punched them repeatedly while threatening that they would be murdered if they moved. One of the alleged attackers then sawed off the finger of one of the brothers.
Caroline Glick: Toward a true US-Israel partnership
America and Israel should abrogate Obama’s military assistance package and replace it with a partnership based on US finance of Israeli R&D projects geared toward developing weapons systems and technologies that both the US and Israel require.
The deal should stipulate the modalities for both sides sharing the technologies with third parties, and their rights to use the technologies developed by Israel with US capital for civilian commercial purposes. Israel should be permitted to purchase US platforms based on Israeli-developed technologies.
Such a partnership would enable Israel to ensure that its continued dependence on the US won’t place it at a disadvantage vis-à-vis its enemies such as Iran, which are able to purchase advanced weapons systems from Russia and China. Such a partnership would ensure that both the US and Israel have the systems they need to outpace Chinese and Russian technological advances and develop the weapons systems they need to win tomorrow’s wars.
In his remarks before the Conference of Presidents, Rivlin voiced concern at the fact that Israel has become a partisan football in US politics. His concern is well placed.
Assuming that Israel’s dependence on the US will be a fixed variable for the foreseeable future, Israel needs to consider the best way of ensuring that the alliance will persevere regardless of the partisan attachments of future presidents.
The best way to ensure the resilience of the US-Israel alliance over time is for Israel to transform its military dependence into a mutually beneficial alliance with the US. A new military relationship based on joint technology development rather than Israeli purchase of US platforms is the best way to accomplish that goal, for the benefit of both countries.
UN Watch: Has the UN Human Rights Council Lost Its Way?
Hillel Neuer, Director of UN Watch provides a brief history of the UN Human Rights Council and how it has fallen from its initial high ideals into a political farce.

  • Friday, February 24, 2017
  • Elder of Ziyon
Joseph Mikarov tirelessly exposes the antisemitism and hate from Israel haters and BDSers on Twitter. I asked him to write something for EoZ and his response is a tour de force:

Much has been written about the BDS movement and its anti-Israel activities. The individual leaders of this movement should be watched closely. This article aims to re-introduce the reader to one of the more prominent BDS organizers and activists in the United States. In addition, I will also detail the upcoming anti-Israel hate fest he and his organization are planning in Washington D.C. next month on March 26, protesting the annual AIPAC Policy Conference, and, of course, promoting their Free Palestine agenda.

The activist to whom I refer is Abbas “Falasteen” Hamideh. This isn’t the first article written about Hamideh and it certainly won’t be the last. Abbas Hamideh is the co-founder of Al-Awda [The Palestinian Right to Return Coalition], an extremist organization which, simply put, is against the State of Israel’s right to exist. Many, including myself, concur that the organization is rife with anti-Semitic bigots.

Hamideh and his followers don’t hide their aspirations to delete Israel, nor do they make any apologies for their extremist views. On his Twitter profile Hamideh reminds us that he “doesn’t compromise on one inch of Palestinian land” – from Cleveland – where he lives and leads a comfortable life. But to his credit, he loves Jews. “Real Jews” that is. The ones who attend Holocaust denial conferences in Iran and protest against Zionists together with anti-Semites. Another “Real Jew”, who happens to be Hamideh’s favorite Jew, is convicted criminal and staunch Hamas supporter, US attorney Stanley Cohen. Hamideh, however has difficulty hiding his anti-Semitism. He frequently describes Jews as “Shlomos”, a derogatory and anti-Semitic term. Hamidehs “love” for the United States of America is also questionable. In a video filmed on the streets in Cleveland, Hamideh promotes racism and ethnic cleansing by shouting “This is not your country. Go back to Europe.” It’s very similar to what he tells Jews in Israel, “Go back to Poland, Russia, or even Morocco”.

Over the years, Hamideh has organized countless BDS rallies in an attempt to indoctrinate young students to his extremist ideology. The mere fact that certain colleges and universities in the United States allow Hamideh to speak and spew his anti-Israel rhetoric is mind-boggling. For example, in 2015, the University of Maryland allowed SJP [Students for Justice in Palestine – a campus proxy for BDS] to host an event where Hamideh was invited to speak. The invite stated, “We are honored to host Palestinian activist Abbas Hamideh as our guest speaker”.  The New York School of Law also invited Al-Awda for a poetry evening. Notice that the Muslim American Society also sponsored the event. More on this organization and ties to terrorism can be found here

Yet another example is an invite to Oberlin College. The video presented by Hamideh during the visit was narrated by his friend Tariq Shadid, aka “Doc Jazz”, who frequently demonizes Israel . 

A further instance is when Hamideh teamed up with “anti-Zionist” Anna Baltzer on a divestment campaign on behalf of BDS. 


It’s also important to note that Hamideh is a proud supporter of the Islamic terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas. The same Hezbollah that organizes rallies and where chants of “Death to America” are heard. Hamideh regularly praises Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, even describing him as the “most honorable Arab-Muslim leader of our time”. No wonder he was questioned by the FBI.

Hamideh is an enthusiastic supporter of Iran as well, and continuously implies that Iran should wipe Israel off the map. His praise of Islamic terrorist organizations has been well-documented by many – here , here , and here – and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Regarding Hezbollah, it’s important to note that the group is a listed terrorist organization in the United States. That same list includes Hamas, which Hamideh proudly and openly supports as well. In fact, the new “leader” of Hamas is on a U.S. Specially Designated [Terrorist] Nationals list. Others on the list include ISIS, Al-Qaeda, PFLP, Boko Haram, and many more. 

As for Hamas, Hamideh doesn’t hide his support for the radical Islamic death cult nor for the terrorists walking into restaurants in Tel-Aviv and shooting children. He actually takes it a step further and mocks the victims. Hamidehs close assistant, treasurer of Al-Awda Anas Amireh makes no effort to hide his support for terrorists either. Here is an example of Amireh promoting shooting and ramming cars into Jews. Amireh posted this 3 weeks after a Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into three month old Chaya Braun murdering her in her carriage in Jerusalem. Chaya was an American citizen.

Al-Awda was once a popular anti-Israel [many would say anti-Semitic] 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization . However, looking at the 2014 990 form, it would seem that the organization has been losing popularity, since total grants and membership fees have declined from $220,844 in 2010 to $79,054 in 2014. My assessment is that rabid elements of anti-Semitism have steadily been creeping into mainstream BDS and pro-Palestinian organizations, forcing more moderate activists and organizations to disconnect.

In the past, Hamideh would organize Al-Awda conventions while inviting Hamas supporters and BDS activists such as Ali AbunimahRania KhalekRemi KanaziLamis Deek and others. Naturally, they would also discuss BDS strategies “For the Return”. As of late, there have not been any Al-Awda conventions scheduled – likely due to the fact that funds are low because of the extreme direction which Hamideh and company have taken. Mainstream pro-BDS activists can’t afford to be associated with activists like Hamideh for fear of losing funding from government-backed NGO’s, as well as support from liberal Jewish organizations.

One example of loss of support is the apparent fallout between Hamideh and Linda Sarsour – director of the Brooklyn-based Arab American Association of New York [AAANY]. We all remember Linda Sarsour as one of the main organizers of the recent Women’s March. Since then Linda has been exposed as a fraud, following a series of tweets which surfaced. Much has been written about Sarsour over the years, including concerns about her pro-Sharia stance and terrorist ties to Hamas. At around the time Sarsour started campaigning for Bernie Sanders, the two refrained from communicating on social media as well as not meeting at random BDS events. Prior to this period, Hamideh and Sarsour were in constant contact as seen herehere, and here – even joking about ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel.

I was highly concerned that the Sanders campaign was dealing with a close associate of Hamideh and so I started to ask questions. I wrote to a few newspapers, online publications, and elected officials. Since then it appears that the disconnect has intensified – probably due to the fact that Sarsour wanted to further distance herself from Hamideh for fear that it would be exposed nationally. Perhaps it had to do with videos I posted exposing Hamideh, or maybe it was because information was leaked that a possible NY Post article on the subject may have been in the works. One of the videos posted included Hamideh leading a BDS rally in Cleveland while encouraging the chant “Khaybar Khaybar ya yahood" – basically a call to slaughter Jews. The origin refers to the battle in the city of Khaybar [town in Saudi Arabia] where Mohammed led an army to slaughter Jews. Whatever the reasons, Sarsour obviously led the disconnect and Hamideh has since fired back at Sarsour on social media.

Hamideh is now organizing his “SupportPalestineinDC” hate fest, due to take place on Sunday March 26th. The rally is being held to “support Palestine and protest AIPAC simultaneously”. BDS will be a major focal point at this event, with guests like pro-Assad, Hamas, and Hezbollah supporter Rania Khalek due to speak.

Last year, the event attracted extremely bizarre groups and individuals. One of these unhinged anti-Semites is Brother Nathanael, founder of Real Jew News”, who is a guest columnist for anti-Semitic websites such as Rense and SmolokoOthers included the Westboro Baptist Church, who showed up yelling homophobic slurs and blaming catastrophes and disasters on homosexuals and JewsHamas supporter Max Blumenthal also showed up and chased Rabbi Shmuley Boteach down the street yelling and screaming. Abby Martin [to whom I refer as “the bastion of journalistic integrity”] was also there, showing us how professional “journalists” conduct themselves. Last but not least, let’s not forget “Code Pink”, which classifies itself as a “feminist organization” yet supports the Iranian Ayatollahs.

One especially bizarre addition to this year’s event is a gentleman known as James “Jimmy” Fry. In all honestly, he is a small-time anti-Semite who, according to his Facebook page, is a “Teacher and advocate for the people of Virginia Beach” and a “Counter PSYOPS expert”. Apparently, he also ran for the Virginia Beach school board and claimed to be a substitute teacher. Hamideh has recently befriended Fry and their friendship is well-documented on social media. As of late, Fry has expressed extremely vile anti-Semitic views with tweets that mock and belittle the Holocaust. In addition, his Facebook page includes videos of himself ranting about “Dirty F------ Jews”. Another example is Fry joking about certain people making “good lampshades”, an obvious reference to the claim that Nazis made lampshades using the skin of Jews. After I exposed all of this numerous times on social media, Hamideh seemed to have ceased engagement with Fry.

I’m bringing up James Fry, but not because he’s an intellectual who could potentially be dangerous. He truly is an insignificant, classic small-time anti-Semite – who, in most cases, we would completely ignore. However, my purpose in mentioning him is to provide the readers with an understanding of how the link between the James Frys of the world and the global BDS movement is becoming stronger and more apparent over time. We are witness to far too many examples of rabid anti-Semitism within BDS, such as those documented herehereand here

Just recently a story received attention concerning a Muslim Texas teacher, Nancy Salem. Salem was exposed on social media for her open anti-Semitism. In one instance, Salem told her daughter before a recent trip to Israel to Kiss the Palestine ground for me and kill some Jews”. Another incident depicts Nancy joking about gassing Jews” and that “not enough died”. In case you were wondering, yes, Nancy was a BDS activist at UTA University of Texas, Arlington, associated with the local SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) chapter.

This is essentially the direction in which BDS has been heading for several years, since all the groups and individuals mentioned above have one common enemy – Israel, and to a growing extent, Jews. Further evidence is the Electronic Intifada, which is the leading BDS and pro-Hamas publication in the United States. It has not condemned these actions. Recently, in a pathetic attempt to win over liberal anti-Trump Jews, their extremist founder and editor Ali Abunimah, who proudly coined the term “Defense Force” for Hamas, has expressed “outrage” [in one tweetat an anti-Semitic attack in St. Louis. Sadly, this “outrage” is clearly a sham. Anyone “outraged” by anti-Semitism can’t be a supporter of Hamas nor would they retweet Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan who claimed, “Jews mix blood of Christians in their holy matzoh”.

All in all, if last year’s rally led by Abbas Hamideh in DC was any indication of what’s to come next month, we will witness a gathering of anti-Semitic, anti-American [West], homophobic, terrorist supporting bigots who are not interested in peace nor human rights.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
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  • Elder of Ziyon

You know how the West likes to pretend that the PLO isn't serious when they demand that they have the "right" to flood Israel with 5 million so-called "refugees"?

Even though every single speech given by Palestinian leaders in Arabic that demand a state also invokes "right to return" along with "1967 borders" and "capital in Jerusalem"?

Indeed, only yesterday Mahmoud Abbas told the Lebanese president that Palestinians living in horrendous conditions in Lebanon were honored "guests" until they can "return to their homeland Palestine." Back in 2005 Abbas said that allowing Palestinians to become citizens would not compromise their "right to return" and the Lebanese leaders scolded him in no uncertain terms so he reversed his position and now tells Lebanese Palestinians that they should remain in misery indefinitely.

Now there is even more evidence that "return" is a central strategy of the Palestinians, and not a peripheral negotiating point that they are prepared to forego in order to get a state.

The PLO website published an article where they say that they started an initiative to present this "right," mentioned in paragraph 11 of UN General Assembly Resolution 194, to the International Court of Justice for a ruling.

I really hope they do.

It would expose that their claim has no legal weight as a General Assembly resolution (despite the hypocritical and contra-legal claims of HRW and Amnesty.)

It would expose the hypocrisy of emphasizing part of Paragraph 11 but ignoring the part that insists that Arab nations should resettle the refugees as well.

It would expose the fact that the Arab nations were against Resolution 194 because it also granted rights to Jewish refugees who were expelled from Arab areas besides their obligation to resettle the Palestinian Arabs.

It would expose the fact that the entire issue is kept alive for the purpose of destroying Israel, putting a lie to their claims that they support a two-state solution.

It would expose the fact that the UN itself did not interpret 194 as a blanket right to return to begin with! In a 1950 document it interpreted its own words very narrowly only for the refugees themselves and only to the physical homes that they left, not a general return to the areas they came from.

So yes, please, bring the "right to return" to the ICJ. It would be a very enlightening experience - for the entire world.

(It appears that this initiative is really meant to assert PLO control over the Palestinians who live outside PA areas, as a result of this conference I noted recently.)

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
  • Friday, February 24, 2017
  • Elder of Ziyon
From the US Holocaust Memorial Museum:
The Romanian port of Constanta, on the Black Sea, was a major embarkation point for Jews attempting to leave Europe for Palestine. Thousands of Jews, desperate to escape the Germans, took the route by boat from Constanta via Turkey to Palestine, despite British immigration restrictions.

In December 1941, in Constanta, 767 Jews boarded a boat named the Struma. They planned to travel to Istanbul, apply for visas to Palestine, and then sail to Palestine. The Struma was unsafe and overcrowded, and lacked adequate sanitary facilities. Despite engine problems, it reached Istanbul on December 16, 1941. There, the passengers were informed they would not get visas to enter Palestine and, furthermore, would not be permitted entry into Turkey.

The boat was kept in quarantine in Istanbul's harbor for more than two months. Turkish authorities denied the passengers permission to land without British agreement to their continued journey to Palestine. On February 23, 1942, the Turkish police towed the boat out to sea and abandoned it. The next day, on February 24, the boat sank. Although the cause of the sinking is not definitively known, it is assumed that it was mistakenly torpedoed by a Soviet submarine. Only one passenger, David Stoliar, survived. 
Here is a list of the victims. There are some inconsistencies between lists so this one is a superset created by JewishGen.

Laszlo 38 
Ghizela 39 
2 ABRAMOVICI Iosef 33  261 GRUMER Fritz  521 PITARU Sulem 41 
3 ABRAMOVICI Jean 30  262 GRUNSTEIN Herman  522 PLAIN Denise ( Pusa) 5 
4 ABRAMOVICI Matei 21  263 GRUPPER Filip 27  523 PLAIN Jacob 32 
5 ABRAMOVICI Moise  264 GRUPPER Rachella 36  524 PLAIN Nehama (Anisoara) 31 
6 ADANIA Silvian 25  265 GUTMAN Adeline 25  525 PLATZMAN Adrian 14 
7 ADLER Gustav 38  266 GUTMAN Alexandru 27  526 PLATZMAN Moritz 43 
8 ADLER Israel 19  267 GUTTENMAHER Smil 21  527 PLATZMAN Sofia 39 
9 ADLER Oswald 45  268 HAFNER Luci 20  528 POMERANTZ I. Carol 
10 ADLER Tilia 37  269 HAIM Denise 6  529 POPELINGHER Adolf 18 
11 AGAR Simon Zeilig 33  270 HAIM Iacob 32  530 PRIKFER Marcel 
12 AIZIG David 22  271 HAIM Nahoma   531 RABINOVICI Arnold 
13 ALCALAY Sara  272 HAIM Sabina 30  532 RABINOVICI Ida 21 
14 ALTER Bention 37  273 HAIMOVICI Angelina 20  533 RACHTER Bella 19 
15 ALTER Betty 20 & SIN ALTER Betty  274 HAIMOVICI Carol 19  534 RADER H. Iehil 43 
16 ALTER Esther 11  275 HAIMOVICI Virgil  535 RADULESCU Misu 20 
17 ALTER Iacob 5  276 HALFIN Ida 55  536 RAZMILEN F Avram 
18 ALTER Taube (Toni) 35  277 HALISCH Alfred 35  537 RAZMILEN F Mina 
19 ANTONIER Jacques  278 HALISCH Jeannette 28  538 RECHTMAN Dela 
20 ANTONIER Rodica  279 HARAS Sergiu  539 RECHTMAN Iacob 38 
21 APFELBERGH H. Solomon 31  280 HASCALOVICI Iosef & Iosef  540 RECHTMAN Moni 8 
22 APOGI Maximilian August 20  281 HASCALOVICI Rachela 30  541 REICHMAN Clara 
23 APOTHEKER Aurel 44  282 HAISCALOVICI Sergiu 6  542 REICHMAN Henta 67 
24 APOTHEKER Dina 38   283 HASSAN Eduard 20  543 REICHMAN Moritz 32 
25 APOTHEKER Puiu Julius 17   284 HASSAN Iuditha 17  544 REICHMAN Silvia 28 
26 APPEL Aron Alexander  285 HEFTER Harry 21  545 REINSTEIN Alfred 22 
27 APPEL Emanuel  286 HEINIS Boris 21  546 RETER David 35 
28 APPEL Feiga  287 HELENBRANT Louis 21  547 RETTER Bruno 20 
29 APPEL Israel  288 HELLER Bertha 36  548 RINTZLER Fany 
30 APPEL Zoltan 16  289 HELLER Henic 22  549 RINTZLER M Aviel 46 
31 ARONESCU Mina  290 HELLER Leon 36  550 ROMAN Francisc 20 
32 ARONESCU Siegfrid  291 HELLER Oswald 2  551 ROSEN Hugo 28 
33 ARONOVICI Lulu 30  292 HELLER Pepi 54  552 ROSENBERG Dana 
34 ARONOVICI Natalia 20  293 HERSCOVICI Edith 10  553 ROSENBERG Elisabetha 
35 AURELIAN Alexandru 31  294 HERSCOVICI Hary 22  554 ROSENBERG Maria 12 
36 AVNER Berthold 34  295 HERSCOVICI Marcel 44  555 ROSENBERG Simon 
37 AVNER Mesalina Linzi 28  296 HERSCOVICI Maximilian 39  556 ROSENFELD Marcel 15 
38 AVNER Saia Mendel 24  297 HERSCOVICI Moise 18  557 ROSENTZWEIG Aurica 
39 BACALU Ihil 33  298 HERSCOVICI Saly 41  558 ROSENTZWEIG Etty 
40 BACALU Marian  299 HERSCOVICI Teodor 21  559 ROSENTZWEIG Harry 
41 BACALU Seina-Tvia  300 HERSCU Eva  560 ROSENTZWEIG Pincu  
42 BACH Iuster Octav 24  301 HERSCU I Herscu  561 ROSENTZWEIG Solomon 
43 BANC Baruch Debora 50  302 HERSCU Sali  562 ROSENZWITT Solomon 
44 BANC Baruch Iosif Jose  303 HERSCU Sofia  563 ROTENBERG Saul 
45 BARAT Eli Elias (Perets) 27  304 HERSER Malca 30  564 ROTTMAN Iancu 21 
46 BARAT Sofia 20  305 HERSER Samuel 34  565 ROTTMAN Sonia 
47 BARBER Rita  306 HERZBLUT Matilda 53  566 ROZEN Israel 25 
48 BARBER Siegfried  307 HIRSCH Adalbert 38   567 ROZENTHAL Noel 
49 BARON Adolf-Herbert  308 HIRSCH Gabriela 2   568 ROZENTZWEIG Betty 
50 BARON Gusta  309 HIRSCH Roza 34  569 ROZNER Berl Bernard 52 
51 BARON Marcel  310 HONIGSBERG Berta 20  570 ROZNER Etty 52 
52 BARON Richard  311 HONIGSBERG Fritz 18  571 RUBINSTEIN Figa 33 
53 BARTFELD Martin  312 HONIGSBERG Lisa 43  572 RUBSEL Mihail 29 
54 BARUCH Cecilia 31  313 HONIGSBERG Ozias  573 SAFRAN Samuel 
55 BARUCH Josef  314 HORENSTEIN Carol 30  574 SAILOFSCHI Ella 25 
56 BEER Ionel 21  315 HOROVITZ Daniel  575 SALAMOVICI Simon 
57 BEILICH Egon 17  316 HOSIN Sami  576 SAMUEL Leopold 34  
58 BERCOVICI Alfred  317 IACOBOVICI Bernard  577 SAPIRO B. Mayer 21 
59 BERCOVICI Cornel Adrian 2   318 IACOBOVICI Fainaru Pincu 46  578 SCHACHTER Blima 42 
60 BERCOVICI Ignat  319 IANCHELOVICI Etti 10  579 SCHACHTER Burah 44 
61 BERCOVICI Iona 33   320 IANCHELOVICI Frida  580 SCHACHTER Charlotte 35 
62 BERCOVICI Margareta   321 IANCHELOVICI User  581 SCHACHTER Clara 11 
63 BERCU Betty 26  322 IANCOVICI Moritz  582 SCHACHTER Eugen 7 
64 BERCU Iosef 29  323 IANCU Clara  583 SCHACHTER H. Calman 40 
65 BERLAND Eduard  324 IANCU Ioines 34  584 SCHACHTER Iosef 16 
66 BERLAND Lazar Lulu 19  325 IANCU Itic 68  585 SCHACHTER Leon 26 
67 BERLAND Lea Liza 49  326 IANCU Moise 30  586 SCHACHTER Max 
68 BERMAN Fichel 29  327 IANCU Sofia  587 SCHACHTER Riven Paul 46 
69 BERRY Waldi Willi 20  328 IOINA Iosif 28  588 SCHACHTER Ruhla 40 
70 BINDER Iosef 47  329 IOSUBAS Itic 32  589 SCHACHTER Sura 22 
71 BINDER Marcu 14  330 IRMAN Haia 27  590 SCHACHTER Titi]
72 BINDERER Leopold 23  331 ISTACESCU Adela  591 SCHAECHTER A. Leia 33 
73 BIRSTEIN M Samy  332 ISTACESCU Alfred 8  592 SCHAECHTER Francisca 20 
74 BLANK Osias  333 ISZAC I. Emerio 24  593 SCHALICK Gerson 41 
75 BLUMENFELD Leiba 27  334 ITCOVICI Adela 24  594 SCHALICK Sonia 35 
76 BRAUN Eugen  335 ITIC Avdel  595 SCHAPIRA Max 50 
77 BRAUN Judit 3  336 ITIC Avram 21  596 SCHARF Clara 19 
78 BRAUN Maria 37   337 ITICOVICI Adela  597 SCHARF Nessi-Ita 56 
79 BRILL Frida  338 ITICOVICI Cornelia 18  598 SCHARF Smil 57 
80 BRILL Marcel  339 ITICSON Albert  599 SCHATTNER Abraham Leo 33 
81 BRILL Sonia  340 JUSTER Harry 20  600 SCHATTNER Beno 30 33 
82 BRIRER Zoltan 39  341 JUSTER Mircea 22  601 SCHEMNITZ Ernest 28 
83 BUCSPAN Enta-Zlata 55  342 KAFRISEN Moise 27  602 SCHEMNITZ Mina 26 
84 BUCSPAN Grigore 54   343 KAHANE Ilie 22  603 SCHENKER Zecu Zecrand 
85 BUTNARU Elias 20  344 KAHANE Julius Ilie 35  604 SCHERTZER Nicolae 
86 BUTTER Alexandru  345 KANIUK Ernest 30  605 SCHIFF Alexandru 25 
87 BUTTER Bertina  346 KANNA Gustav 20  606 SCHIFF Eva 23 
88 CALICHMAN Avram 50  347 KATZ Armand 19  607 SCHMATNIK Leo 39 
89 CALICHMAN Beila-Liula 45  348 KATZ Friederike 39  608 SCHMATNIK Trily 40 
90 CAMERMAN Solomon 23  349 KATZ Sigmund 45  609 SCHMETTERLING Ernest Emanuel 19 
91 CANETTI Isac 40  350 KATZ Zelig 20  610 SCHMETTERLING Frieda 49 
92 CANETTI Jose Moise 7  351 KAUFMAN Sami 27  611 SCHMETTERLING Marcu 62 
93 CANETTI Virginia 35  352 KELEN Nicolae  612 SCHMETTERLING Victor 22 
94 CASSEL Mordehai 27  353 KELMAN Matilda 20  613 SCHNAPP Erich Heinz (Uri Zwi) 20 
95 CIOBOTARU C.Z. Alfred 34  354 KESSELBRENNER Ghitel 55  614 SCHONBERGER A. Ladislau 21 
96 CIOCANILE Jean-Marcel   355 KLEINBERG Mendel 28  615 SCHONBERGER Pavel 26 
97 CLARFELD Motel 41  356 KLEIN Herman  616 SCHONFELD Hugo 18 
98 COGANSCHI Adela-Ana 17  357 KLEIN Josef 38  617 SCHOR Julia 21 
99 COGANSCHI Haia 45  358 KOERNER Zighi  618 SCHTERNBERG Moritz Brukenstein 
100 COGANSCHI Iosef 57  359 KORN Malvina 20  619 SCHWARTZ Avram 
101 COHAN Izhac 22   360 KORNBLUTT Mauriciu 27  620 SCHWARTZ Clara 
102 COHEN Adof 59   361 KORNBLUTT Zela 20  621 SCHWARTZ Frieda 27 
103 COHEN Rosa 59   362 KRAUS Clara  622 SCHWARTZ Haia 36 
104 COHEN Simon  363 KRAUS Marcel 37  623 SCHWARTZ Iosef Iancu 43 
105 COHN Bercu  364 LANDAU Emil 31  624 SCHWARTZ Marcu Alter 
106 COHN David Dudu 21   365 LANDAU Hortensa-Silvia 33  625 SCHWARTZ Miriam 1 
107 COHN George Gigel 1  366 LANDAU Ruhla 30  626 SCHWARTZ N. Lupu 20 
108 COHN I Zalman & Zanas 35  367 LANDMAN Heinerich  627 SCHWARTZ Rebeca 
109 COHN Ionas 21  368 LANDMAN Jose  628 SCHWARTZ Solomon 37 
110 COHN Ionel 19  369 LANDMAN Liza  629 SCHWARTZ Sorin 
111 COHN Touba 34  370 LANDMAN Willy  630 SCHWARTZ Tamara 4 
112 COIFMAN Paula-Haia 54  371 LANGENMAS Dvora 49  631 SCHWARTZ Henriette 29 
113 COIFMAN Struli 53  372 LANGENMAS Ruth 17  632 SCHWARTZ Valentin 7 
114 COJOCARU Carol   373 LANGMANTEL Armand 36  633 SCHWEIFEL Ana Sara 28 
115 COTIGARU Debora 23  374 LANGMANTEL Eduard  634 SCHWEIFEL Manase Manole 31 
116 COTIGARU Lupu  375 LANGMANTEL Margareta 10  635 SCHWEIFEL S. Mircea 
117 CRAMER Iosif 18  376 LANGMANTEL Rachel 31  636 SEGAL Clotilda 29 
118 DAIAN Haim Abraham 55  377 LAXER Adolf  637 SEGAL Filip 20 
119 DAIAN Olga 13  378 LAZARESCU Bernard David 28  638 SEGAL Hermina 29 
120 DAIAN Sara 50  379 LAZARESCU Heinerich  639 SEGAL Jeanetta 29 
121 DAVID Etty  380 LAZARESCU Henta  640 SEGAL Jules 29 
122 DAVID Rifca 61  381 LAZARESCU Paulina 29  641 SEGAL Lupu Ghizela 20 
123 DAVIDOVICI Sofia 22  382 LAZAROVICI Leibu  642 SEGAL Lupu Leibu 53 
124 DIAMAND Ghizela  383 LAZAROVICI Rene  643 SEGAL Lupu Robert 25 
125 DIAMAND Nicu  384 LAZAROVICI Severin  644 SEGAL P Haim 
126 DIAMAND Simona  385 LECKER Leon Leib 34  645 SEGAL Saul 33 
127 DICHTER A. Ionel   386 LEIBOVICI Leonido Corucli  646 SEGAL W. Silen 29 
128 DITZ Eugen 27  387 LEIBOVICI Basia 30  647 SEGALESCU Henrietta 22 
129 DRATH S. Danil  388 LEIBOVICI D. Iacob 27  648 SENATER Fredrich 22 
130 DULITZCHI Rachil   389 LEIBOVICI Haia  649 SIGMUND A. Iosef 21 
131 EDELSTEIN Clara 29  390 LEIBOVICI Heinerich  650 SILBERBUSCH Gerhard 33 
132 EDELSTEIN Jack 25  391 LEIBOVICI Silvia (Leonin) 51  651 SILBERMAN Eleonora 28 
133 EDELSTEIN Leo 32  392 LEIBOVICI Leib-Itic   652 SILBERMAN Rubin 32 
134 EISIC Louis 20  393 LEIBOVICI Lizica (Leonin) 441  653 SILBERSTEIN Gerson 36 
135 EISIC Mircea 18  394 LEIBOVICI Luis 27  654 SILVIAN D. Emil 28 
136 EKELSTEIN Roza  395 LEIBOVICI Marcu 25  655 SILVIAN Maxim 
137 ELCOVICI Naftali 24  396 LEIBOVICI Simon  656 SIMON B. Simon 42 
138 ELIAS Avram-Bernard  397 LEIBOVICI Solomon 37  657 SIMON I. Carolina known as STILOVICI 30 
139 ELIAS Iosif  398 LEON Marcu 21 658 SIMON I. Iosef known as STILOVICI 30 
140 ELIAS Medea  399 LEVI Haim 23  659 SIMON Lucian 19 
141 ELIAS Rozi  400 LIUBARSCHI David 57  660 SIMON Moise 
142 EPSTEIN Matias 37  401 LIUBARSCHI Dora 54  661 SIMON Pesta 32 
143 EPSTEIN Sara Rebeca 26  402 LIVESCU Matilda  662 SIN Smial Smaia 34 
144 ERBST Matei 21  403 LIVOVSCHI Basia 60  663 SLOIMOVICI Emanuel 19 
145 FARHI Henry 22  404 LIVOVSCHI Sara 29  664 SLOIMOVICI Peisah Iacob 30 
146 FEIGHENBAUM Elias 29  405 LIVOVSCHI Smil Wolf 69  665 SLOMOVICI Maria 
147 FEIGHENBAUM Estera Liza 23  406 LOBEL Horis  666 SLOMOVICI Rosa 16 
148 FEIGHENBAUM Ruhla 53  407 LOCKER Gerta Marta & SCHOR Greta Marga  667 SLOMOVICI Smil 15 
149 FEINGOLD Otto  408 LOCKER Siegfried & SCHOR Siegfried  668 SMIL Israel 
150 FELD Margareta  409 LORIAN Silvian 27  669 SMIL Rifca 
151 FELD Nicolae  410 LOTHRINGER Ilse 20  670 SMILOVICI Ana 20 
152 FELDMAN Estera 40  411 LOWENSTEIN Carol 18  671 SMILOVICI Beno 26 
153 FELDMAN Isak  412 LUCIAN Hana Mayer 31  672 SMILOVICI Burah 37 
154 FELDSTEIN Avram  413 LUCIAN Ilie Mayer 8  673 SMILOVICI Ida  
155 FELDSTEIN David  414 LUCIAN Mayer  674 SMILOVICI Leonard 44 
156 FELDSTEIN Ghedrich 31  415 LUDOVIC Eduard 39  675 SMILOVICI Nora 17 
157 FELDSTEIN Gheorghe  416 LUDOVIC Emanuel 36  676 SOLOMON David Lazar 
158 FELDSTEIN Ghizela-Luisa 28  417 LUPOVICI Bluma 26  677 SOLOMON Dorel 20 
159 FELDSTEIN Nely 23  418 LUPOVICI Smil 27  678 SOLOMON Efraim 
160 FELDSTEIN Robert 28  419 LUPU Bertina 22  679 SOLOMON Virgiliu 17 
161 FELDSTEIN Rozica 23  420 LUPU I. Strul 29  680 SONNENREICH Abram 33 
162 FELDSTEIN Schefie  421 MAGAZANIC Ofser 67  681 SONNENREICH Rasela 30 
163 FELL Solomon 22  422 MAGDER Edmond 50  682 SONNENREICH Sami 3 
164 FELLER Gustav 29  423 MALLER Ladislau 22  683 SPAHARIU Dvoira 18 
165 FICHER Lanca 40  424 MANDEL Iacob 16  684 SPEISER L. Bernard 20 
166 FISCHER Jacob 40  425 MANOLE Lazar 22  685 SPIEGEL Avram 41 
167 FISCHER L. Rozica  426 MARCOVICI Henry 20  686 SPIEGEL Clonde-Claudia 5 
168 FISCHER Rudy  427 MARCOVICI Moise  687 SPIEGEL Lena 
169 FISCHER Silvia  428 MARCU Iacob  688 SPIEGEL Mauriciu 7 
170 FISCHER Zoltan 9  429 MARCU Sorina 22  689 SPIEGEL Soliem 
171 FISCHMAN Maletta (Moleta) 36  430 MARCU Suzeta 24  690 SPIRER Basil-Julian 16 
172 FISCHMAN Nissem 22  431 MARCUS Ana  691 SPIRER Rudolfina 
173 FLEISCHER Anna 33  432 MARCUS Aneta Lupu 41  692 SPIRER Samuel 52 
174 FLEISCHER David Sami 44  433 MARCUS Avram 28  693 SPIVACK Avram 32 
175 FLEISCHER Robert 7  434 MARCUS  694 STAHL Desideriu 19 
176 FLIGHELMAN Haim 18  435 MARCUS Ivette 7  695 STAHL Jacques 32 
177 FLIGLER Max 31  436 MARCUS Lupu Herscu 42  696 STAROSTE Ester 44 
178 FLINCKER Jeanette 51  437 MARCUS Malvina 21  697 STAROSTE Lazar (Eliezer) 60 
179 FLINCKER Klaus Zoltan 15  438 MARCUS Marga Lupu  698 STEIN I. Moise 
180 FLINCKER Richard 17  439 MARCUS Mendel 69  699 STEINBACH Reica 26 
181 FRANGHIERU Aron 17  440 MARCUS Leon 29  700 STEINBACH Leo Henry 26 
182 FRIEDMAN Desideriu 42  441 MARCUS Rosa 52  701 STERNBERG Manole 17 
183 FRIEDMAN Ileana 19  442 MARGULIUS Aurel 23  702 STIER Anisoara 8 months 
184 FRIEDMAN Nicolae 13  443 MARGULIUS Efraim 35  703 STIER Etty 21 
185 FRIEDMAN Sofia 38  444 MARGULIUS Emil 25  704 STIER Samuel 31 
186 FRUCHTER Iehuda 16  445 MARGULIUS Harry 20  705 STORFER Norbert 22 
187 FRUCHTER Isac 18  446 MARGULIUS Margarita 18  706 STORFER Saul 31 
188 FRUCHTMAN Henrieta 26  447 MATTES Lazar  707 STRAUSS Elisabeta 
189 FRUCHTMAN Solomon  448 MAYER Artur 32  708 STRAUSS Israel Walter 
190 FUCHS Mauriciu 29  449 MAYER L. Avram 27  709 SUCHARD William 30 
191 GALATAN Moise  450 MAYER M. Avram 23  710 SUCHARD Sonia 27 
192 GALATAN Posina 45  451 MAYER N Fany Felicia 24  711 SULIMOVICI Iosefleib 19 
193 GALIA Jean Haralambie  452 MAYER Silvia 20  712 SULIMOVICI Rebeca 
194 GANBIS I.Emanuel  453 MAYERSOHN Ana 26  713 SULIMOVICI Sami 
195 GARTENBERG Arnold 33  454 MAYERSOHN Hana 40  714 SULITEANU Moritz 25 
196 GARTENBERG Felix 31  455 MAYERSOHN Henry 43  715 SUREI Moritz 
197 GARTENBERG Rifca 28  456 MEIROVICI Simon  716 TALISMAN David 17 
198 GHELBER Batia   457 MENDELOVICI Haia 45  717 TAUBER Ana 38 
199 GHELBER Heinrich 44  458 MENDELSOHN  Eduard 29  718 TECUCEANU Isac 22 
200 GHELBER Lea-Hude 39  459 MERLAUB I. Moritz 37  719 TENENBAUM Leo 28 
201 GHELBER M. Danil  460 MIHALOVICI Alterescu 45  720 TERCATIN Itzhac ( Puiu) 26 
202 GHELMAN Alexandru  461 MIHALOVICI Dorel 17  721 TERKEL Fania 24 
203 GHELMAN Fania  462 MIHALOVICI Prima 40  722 TERKEL Lazar 26 
204 GHELMAN Feiga-Fanea  463 MINDIRIGIU Aurica 35  723 TETTELZWEIG Ana 
205 GHELMAN Moise  464 MINDIRIGIU Nachim Naftuli 41  724 TETTELZWEIG Isac 30 
206 GHENTZER Ernestina  465 MITRANI Ionel 24  725 TZIMAND Jack 
207 GHENTZER Magdalena  466 MOISE Ciprut  726 TZIMAND Saul 23 
208 GHETEL Frida 32  467 MOISESCU Frusina 38  727 UNGAR Albert 20 
209 GHETEL Solomon 45  468 MOISESCU Iosif 44  728 VOGEL Carol 43 
210 GHETLER I. Macas  469 MOISESCU Mircea 10  729 WACHTEL Jova 21 
211 GHETLER Iosif 49  470 MOISESCU Nelu 13  730 WAGNER Regina 49 
212 GHETLER Leah-Lia 44  471 MULER Mintia  731 WAGNER Walter 21 
213 GHINSBERG Adrian 7  472 MUNBLAT Samuel 19  732 WAGNER Wilhelm Israel 49 
214 GHINSBERG Evelina 32  473 MUNTEANU Victor 26  733 WALTER Elisa 33 
215 GHINSBERG Marcu  474 NACHMAN Estera 35  734 WALTER Mauriciu 33  
216 GLANOVSCHI Gherson 30  475 NACHMAN Lupu 39  735 WALTER Mignon 5 
217 GLICKMAN Avram 48  476 NACHMAN Mauriciu 21  736 WASSERMAN Toby 
218 GLICKMAN Evghenia 33  477 NACHT Oscar 34  737 WECHSLER Elias 30 
219 GLICKMAN Iacob 7  478 NADLER Albert  738 WECHSLER Etty Iehudith 21 
220 GLICKMAN Liza 70  479 NADLER Iosef  739 WEINBERG Avram  
221 GLICKMAN Rita 10  480 NADLER Marcel 33  740 WEINBERG Clara 
222 GLUCKMAN Alfred 30  481 NADLER Marcela  741 WEINBERG Moise Aron  
223 GLUCKMAN Sophie 24  482 NADLER Rosa 19  742 WEINBERG Natan 29 
224 GOLDENBERG Iossi 26  483 NAGY Mauriciu  743 WEINBERG Rubin Dudi 30 
225 GOLDENBERG Osias 24  484 NAHIM Ionel 41  744 WEINGARTEN Avram-Ida 
226 GOLDMAN Alexandru 40  485 NAHIM Clara 31  745 WEINGARTEN Beniamin 18 
227 GOLDMAN Hans 4  486 NAHIM Bruna 12  746 WEINGARTEN Meir 
228 GOLDMAN Racla 7  487 NAIMAN Solomon  747 WEINGARTEN Tipora 
229 GOLDMAN Tivi 32  488 NATANSON Sami 29  748 WEINSTEIN A. Simon 25  
230 GOLDSTEIN Ana  489 NESTOITU Sara 54   749 WEINSTEIN Iosef  
231 GOLDSTEIN Armand 25  490 NEUBERGER Ghitea 34  750 WEINSTEIN Moritz 25  
232 GOLDSTEIN Eliezer 31  491 NEUBERGER Louis 46  751 WEINTRAUB Julian 38 
233 GOLDSTEIN Marcu 50  492 NEUBERGER Valentina 8  752 WEISS Avram 29 
234 GOLDSTEIN Moise Haim  493 NULLMAN Heinrich 18  753 WEISS Maria 
235 GOLDSTEIN Simon  494 NULLMAN Isac 42  754 WEISS Paul 3 
236 GOLDSTEIN Stefania 29  495 NULLMAN Sara 37  755 WEISSBERG Hedwig 33 
237 GOTLIEB Bronislava 52  496 NURENBERG Mathilda 18  756 WEISSBERG Rudolf 
238 GOTLIEB Heinrich 54  497 NUSSBAUM Andrei 19  757 WEISSLER Marcu 26 
239 GOTLIEB Paul-Norbert 21   498 NUSSBAUM Berta 53  758 WEITMAN Avram 23 
240 GOTLIEB Thea-Ruth  499 ORMEANU Goldenberg Otto 46  759 WEITRAUB  Leon 19 
241 GOTTESMAN Iacob 33  500 OSFELD Isac 25  760 WITENBERG Simon 28 
242 GREIF Calman 24  501 PAUCKER Jean Leonard 27  761 WOLFSHAUT Hans 28 
243 GROBDRUG Alexandru 22  502 PAUKER Rebeca Rifca 29  762 ZAHARIA Marcu 34 
244 GROPPER Marcel  503 PEISIS Iosef 28  763 ZALMANOVICI Saul 28 
245 GROSS Nora 26   504 PENCOVICI Leon 16  764 ZEITS Bendit 44 
246 GROSS Victor Paul 16   505 PERITZ Aneta  765 ZEITS Rebeca 17 
247 GROSSMAN Marcel  506 PERITZ Avram  766 ZEITS Sara 45 
248 GRUBER Isac 34   507 PERLMUTER Sara 17  767 ZELERMAYER Carol 
249 GRUENBERG Gabriel 25  508 PESKARIU Isac (Iancu) 25  768 ZELERMAYER Gusta 
250 GRUENBERG Efraim 30  509 PESCARU Iancu   769 ZIGHELMAN Andrei-Puiu 6 
251 GRUENBERG Ferdinand-Lica 24  510 PESCARU Sura 39  770 ZIGHELMAN Solomon 
252 GRUENBERG Irina 21  511 PICHER Friderich 51  771 ZIGHELMAN Rasela 31 
253 GRUENBERG Jean 21  512 PICHER Herbert Fani  772 ZILBERMAN Burah 
254 GRUENBERG Leon 19  513 PICHER Herbert Iulius  773 ZILBERMAN Frida 
255 GRUENBERG Moritz 42  514 PICHER Marcel  774 ZILBERMAN Isac 18 
256 GRUENBERG Otto  515 PICHER Marian-Silvia 17  775 ZILBERMAN Pinhas 24 
257 GRUENBERG Stella 19  516 PICHER Roza  776 ZILBERMAN Rebeca  
258 GRUENBERG Wolf-Zeev 28  517 PINCU Herscu 40  777 ZILBERMAN Silvia 
259 GRUENFELD Itzhac-Eizig  518 PINCU Iosefina 39  778 ZISMAN Sura 58 
519 PINCU Liviu 9  779 ZISMAN Zisu Rebeca 
780 ZISSU Avram 
781 ZOTKOVER Louis 21 

(h/t Josh K)

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